Qual é o limite de uma musa fitness no Instagram? Para Anna Strode, dona do perfil @bubs2bikinis, o tal limite não chegou nem enquanto trazia ao mundo sua caçula, Madi Grace. Em trabalho de parto, ela publicou na rede social um vídeo do seu último treino antes do nascimento da menina, já no quarto do hospital.

E não pense que a série de exercícios foi leve e relaxante. A sequência incluiu agachamentos, movimentos para o tríceps e até uma dancinha. “Meu último treino de gravidez (ela usa a hashtag #pregnancyworkout) foi no hospital, horas antes de conhecermos nossa maravilhosa Madi Grace”, ela escreveu. “Estávamos no quarto esperando que as contrações acelerassem e que uma sala de parto ficasse disponível para que ela viesse ao mundo”.

My last #pregnancyworkout was at the hospital just hours before we met our gorgeous Madi Grace 🎀✨💕 We were on the ward waiting for contractions to ramp up and a delivery suite to become available so we could meet our sweet baby girl 👑🌸 Speaking of delivery suites, guess what – our little Madi Grace was born in the EXACT same room as Lachie and Sammy. The hospital is big and has over 20 delivery suites but it just so happened that they were all welcomed into the world in the same room 😍 how cool is that!!! #workout #pregnancy #inspirepregnancy #fitmom #fitmum #fitmomsofig #pregnancyexercise #fitpregnancy Disclaimer: This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact info@catersnews.com or call +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615

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A publicação foi vista mais de 55 mil vezes. Nos comentários, seus seguidores elogiaram a disposição de Anna. “Você é tão fofa! Espero estar fit assim quando engravidar. Você é uma inspiração!”, escreveu uma fã.

Anna tem 98 mil seguidores e já era mãe de dois meninos gêmeos antes do parto de Madi. Durante a gestação, ela continuou publicando vídeos da rotina de exercícios que manteve, inclusive com participação dos filhos e do marido.

Eeeee I keep wondering if this will be our last workout with bubs in my belly 🙈💕 at 40+5 days pregnant surely we have to be close to meeting our little miss 😍🎀 I must admit, this was more of just a quick play while the boys had a yogurt and read some stories rather than a workout – but I’m just happy I still made some time to get my body moving, every little bit helps me smile so that means every little bit counts 😋🙌 The outtake from today’s doctors appointment is bub seems ready to go ~ so any day now I’m going to be a mama to 2 x beautiful boys and a baby girl – I’m so excited 😬💕😄 Oh and PS ~ you should also know that today a really loud fart fully FELL OUT when I was in a PACKED FULL lift (elevator) at the hospital… 😳 little miss must be sitting right on my bowel 💨😂 I almost died but then realised I’m too pregnant to even care about what others think of me at the moment 😂 can any mamas relate?! #40weeks #pregnant #pregnancyexercise #homeexercises #fitpregnancy #babybump #mumlife #fitmum

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40+3 days pregnant 💕🎀 I just HAD to do something today. I listened to a lot of you guys that said REST will bring on the bubs and I had a weekend off workouts and still no bub ~ so, back into it before I go crazy 🙈☺️This little princess is stubborn, not sure who she takes after 🙋😂 I did 3 rounds of this routine. 10 reps of each exercise. Then I walked the block 5 times 🏃‍♀️ Come onnnnnnn baby girl ~ mama wants to hold you 😍💕 Meanwhile, my face looks like a blow fish 💨🐟 Anyone else completely puff up in the last week of pregnancy and look like they’ve actually eaten themselves 😂😭 #pregnant #pregnancyexercise #homeexercises #homeworkout #fitnessmotivation #mumlife #fitmom #fitmum

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When you’re 39 weeks pregnant and torn between taking a nap or doing a workout, what do you do? BOTH 🙌💕 Love my little go to couch workouts and trust me, they’re harder than they look! I kept it short and sweet but did 3 rounds repeating each exercise 12 times 😅 just enough to make me feel like I’ve achieved something that’s GOOD for me ~ in between carb loading and giving into chocolate cravings 😬💕 Kind of looking forward to bubs arrival so I can start enjoying cooking healthy foods again!! Every time I do a workout I can’t help but think ‘will this be the last workout with princess in my belly rather than on my chest 😍💕’ such a guessing game when you’re waiting for a little peanut to arrive isn’t it?! ❤️ #pregnant #pregnancyworkout #homeworkout #homeexercises #workoutvideo #homesquats #fitpregnancy #fitnessmotivation

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