O mundo mágico dos unicórnios já virou brinquedo, tema de festa infantil e até fantasia de carnaval. Mas agora é a vez dos confeiteiros se inspirarem nas cores e no chifre do bicho.

Nas últimas semanas, bolos, biscoitos e macarons surgiram em páginas de Instagram especializada em doces e encantado os viciados em açúcar. Confeitarias em Sydney, Duluth, Filadélfia e Singapura fizeram diferentes propostas a partir dos traços do animal. Desenharam com doces crinas, orelhas e olhinhos superfofos.

Os chefs não passam as receitas, mas as imagens são uma excelente fonte de inspiração:

Mystical unicorn in strawberry flavor! Happy 1st birthday to a sweet baby girl!

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Unicorn video tutorial ??repost to announce a few things. Foremost, I love seeing your donuts and variations of the donicorn! I’m so honored you use my videos and that I can help in any way. That’s why I do it! I feel grateful for the community who selflessly takes their time out to share tips and tutorials as well! Furthermore, it’s been so sweet to see my video shared, and in doing so, I saw some comments regarding something I never expected to address or that anyone would find offensive- my nails and rings???! Let me first say, my nails are boring and short; either messy with polish or none at all. I haven’t gotten them done at the salon for a long time. Therefore, for video purposes, I honestly put on press on nails JUST for the vid since people will see my hands, and I at least want it to be pretty to view! And I know people have liked my nail art before so I try to make that audience happy too! For those who commented about food safety and nails and such, please be aware that these are for tutorial purposes only. I do not sell, or have anyone other than myself or my family, consume products used in my videos. I can only hope that people do not make assumptions about that, but since it has happened, I wanted to address it. For those asking for videos in real time whilst making confections, please understand that doing an order while simultaneously making videos would be ineffective to my work flow and time management constraints. So yes, you’ll keep seeing nails in most of my videos because I like to! But no, they are not a danger to anyone ? As always, thank you for viewing!! Much appreciated! ?✨

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