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22/09/2019 5:30

Se você tivesse que apostar, quem mais falou nos 236 episódios de Friends? Onde você provavelmente encontraria Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel e Phoebe se estivesse em Nova York? E mais: quantos “how you doing?” o nosso ator de novelas preferido falou?

Exatamente 25 anos depois, incorporamos Chandler – sim, apesar de ninguém se lembrar, ele trabalhava com análise estatística e reconfiguração de dados – e esmiuçamos a sitcom em uma série de informações.

Quem fala mais?

Quanto cada um dos seis personagens principais disse em toda a série (em número de falas)








Pode parecer estranho, mas Rachel e Ross estão no topo dos protagonistas que mais falaram durante toda a série. A queridinha e musa dos cabeleireiros liderou com 18,36% das 62.317 falas de Friends. Enquanto isso, Phoebe, a última do ranking, ficou com 14,62%.

Apesar do roteiro quase todo voltado para os seis amigos, outros personagens marcaram presenças consideráveis. Mike e Richard, nessa ordem, lideram a lista dos coadjuvantes, seguidos de Charlie, Janice e Carol. Gunther é o 16º.

Diálogos ao longo da série

A porcentagem média de falas de cada personagem por temporada

  • Rachel
  • Ross
  • Monica
  • Chandler
  • Phoebe
  • Joey

A participação de cada personagem ao longo das 10 temporadas é bem constante. Rachel e Ross lideram em número de diálogos em quatro temporadas. Monica em duas. Chandler foi o que mais sofreu variações, principalmente na 8º temporada, quando ele falou apenas 676 vezes, atrás de Phoebe, que teve 772 aparições.

Se você é fã da série, sabe que as oscilações de Bing estão ligadas aos problemas de saúde enfrentados pelo ator Matthew Perry. O ator sofreu com vícios em analgésicos, anfetaminas e drogas. Ele passou por seguidas internações, tendo de interromper algumas gravações de Friends.

Onde encontraríamos Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler e Monica?

Quantidade de cenas onde os personagens aparecem

Apartamento da Monica e Rachel

Central Perk

Apartamento do Joey e Chandler

Apartamento do Ross

Corredor entre os apartamentos


Quem mais contracenou com quem?

As frases que a gente nunca esquece

Todos osda série
Temporada 4
  • Rachel: I don’t even know how I would go about it.
  • Joey: Oh-oh-oh-oh, how I do it is, I look a woman up and down and say, “Hey, how you doin’?”
  • Phoebe: Oh, please!
  • Joey: (to Phoebe) Hey, how you doin’?(Phoebe looks at him, and then giggles and looks away.)
Temporada 5
  • Rachel: (noticing him) What’s up Joey?
  • Joey: (in a sexy voice) How you doin’?(Rachel is stunned.)
  • The Woman Dealer: I don’t know about the hands, but the guy that was here before me just went to the bathroom.
  • Joey: Okay! (Walks away, then turns back.) How you doin’?
  • The Woman Dealer: Very busy.
  • Joey: Right! Okay. (Heads for the bathroom.)
  • Joey: Yeah! I’m fine! Thanks! (He starts to leave, but gets an idea and stops.) Hey Rach, how you doin’?
  • Rachel: I’m doin’ good, baby. How you doin’?
  • Joey: Ross, don’t let her drink anymore! (Exits)
Temporada 6
  • Joey: Hey! Hey! Be careful around my Porsche!
  • Woman: (the same one from before approaches) Hi Joey.
  • Joey: Hey! How you doin’?
  • Woman: (to her friend) He has the most amazing Porsche under there!
  • Chandler: Yeah, now how’s that going though? Are you okay with the not-flirting thing?
  • Joey: Yeah. Well, so far yeah. But it’s tough you know? I got all this built up flirting energy and I don’t know how to get rid of it. (Gives Chandler the “Joey-love,” look.) How you doin?
  • Joey: Oh! I see what happened. It’s because I was trying to repel you. Right? Believe me, you’d feel a lot different if I turned it on.
  • Janine: I don’t think so.
  • Joey: Oh, I do. (Gives her the Joey-love look.) How you doin?
  • Janine: I’m OK
  • Joey: What?!?!
  • Janine: What?
  • Joey: Oh dear God!
  • Rachel: And that’s Phoebe (points), and that’s Joey.
  • Joey: Hey, (in the Joey voice) how you doin’?
  • Rachel: Don’t!! (Joey backs away frightened.)
temporada 7
  • Joey: Thanks sweetheart. Give me a little sugar here. Okay.
  • Monica: Okay, in we go
  • Fat Joey: Here we go! Here we go! Here we go! How you doin’?
temporada 8
  • Joey: Oh-oh-oh-oh, how I do it is, I look a woman up and down and say, “Hey, how you doin’?
  • Rachel: And that’s Phoebe, and that’s Joey.
  • Joey: Hey, how you doin’?
temporada 9
  • Joey: Ah, hi, ah. Thank you so much for whispering for my benefit, but, ah, look, if you just tell me what I did wrong, I’d just love to work on it and come back and try it again for you. And, and also: How you doing?
  • Joey: Yeah! How you doin’? Yeah alright! Hey, hey! You said you’re gonna wear a thong, where’s the thong?
  • Charlie: (laughing) I didn’t mean a thong… I meant thongs…
Temporada 3
  • Ross: Look, I didn’t think there was a relationship to jeopardise. I thought we were broken up.
  • Rachel: We were on a break!
  • Ross: That, for all I knew would, could last forever. That to me is a break-up.
  • Rachel: You think you’re gonna get out of this on a technicality?
  • Joey: Anyway! Her and Ross just started yelling at each other.
  • Phoebe: Wait. Why was he yelling at her? He’s the one who slept with someone else.
  • Joey: Well, I guess he says that because they were on a break when it happened, that she should of forgiven him by now.
  • Phoebe: hang on a second. Ross wants to say something. What? You slept with someone else?!
  • Ross: We were on a break!!! Okay!! We were, we were…, yeah. Where are you? I’ll find you.
  • Rachel: All right, let’s go!
  • Ross: You’re welcome.
  • Rachel: Oh, I’m sorry, were you speaking to me or sleeping with someone else?
  • Ross: We were on a break!
  • Rachel: Y’know Ross why don’t you put that on your answering machine!
Temporada 4
  • Ross: She wants me to take responsibility for everything that went wrong in our relationship. I mean she goes on for five pages about, about how I was unfaithful to her! WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!
  • Chandler: Oh my God! If you say that one more time, I’m gonna break up with you!
  • Rachel: Ooh, I just wish we hadn’t lost those four months, but if time was what you needed just to gain a little perspective…
  • Ross: WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!!!
  • Chandler: Because, I-I should’ve called! You know if I had just called her after our big, stupid fight, she never would’ve gone out with Nick, and they would’ve ended up in bed together. I threw her at his man nipples!
  • Rachel: Honey, this is not your fault, just because you guys had a fight, it does not justify her sleeping with someone.
  • Ross: Well, if-if she thought they were on a break (They all turn and glare at him.)
Temporada 5
  • Ross: This is fun. Hey Rach, remember that whole “We were on a break thing?” Well, I’m sorry, will you marry me?
  • Chandler: That’s not funny.
  • Joey: That’s not funny at all!
Temporada 6
  • Rachel: Well, y’know what? Thanks to you I’m half way there! Ugh! Oh! I am so mad! Ross, I don’t think I have ever been this angry!
  • Ross: What about the time I said we were on a break?
  • Rachel: Ugh!
Temporada 7
  • Rachel: No, I’m not.
  • Ben: Cause you guys were on a break.
  • Ben: No more pranks.
  • Rachel: And-and what else?
  • Ben: That you and daddy were not on a break.
  • Rachel: Very good.
Temporada 8
  • Ross: Thank you!
  • Phoebe: That’s it?! You call that a fight? Come on! “We were on a break!” “No we weren’t!” What happened to you two?!
Temporada 9
  • Rachel: God how long do you think that’s gonna last?
  • Phoebe: I dunno, well he got over the “We were on a break” thing really quickly.
  • Ross: And that’s why, no matter what mommy says, we really were on a break. Yes we were! Yes we were! Come here gorgeous.
Temporada 10
  • Ross: Me neither, okay? We are – we’re done being stupid.
  • Rachel: Okay. You and me, alright? This is it.
  • Ross: This is it. Unless we’re on a break
  • Ross: Don’t make jokes now.
Temporada 5
  • Phoebe: (On the phone, in New York) Uh, hello, this is Ross Geller’s personal physician, Dr. Philange.
  • Phoebe: Hello. My name is Regina Phalange. I’m a businesswoman in town on business. Would you like to see my card? Ooh, what did I do with my file-a-facts? I must’ve left it in conference room B
Temporada 7
  • Melissa: Hmm Phoebe, were you ever in a sorority?
  • Phoebe: Of course! Yeah, I was uh, umm Thigh Mega Tampon.
  • Melissa: What one?
  • Phoebe: Yeah! Y’know, we were really huge too, but then they had to shut us down when Regina Phalange died of alcohol poisoning.
  • Melissa: Oh, isn’t a shame when one girl ruins it for the whole bunch?
Temporada 8
  • Monica: Okay, maybe people give out fake numbers, but they don’t give out
  • names.

  • Joey: Oh yeah? Hi, Ken Adams, nice to meet you.
  • Phoebe: Regina Phalange.
Temporada 10
  • Director: You know what. I think this audition is over.
  • Phoebe: Uh, excuse me. Uh, I am Reginé Phalange. I was passing by when I heard this man speaking the regional dialect of my French town of Estée Lauder.
  • Director: You really think this man is speaking French?
Temporada 1
  • Chandler: I’m sorry you misunderstood…
  • Janice: Oh my God. You listen to me, Chandler, you listen to me. One of these times is just gonna be your last chance with me.
  • Chandler: Janice?
  • Janice: Oh…. my…. God.
  • Chandler: Hey, Janice.
  • Janice: Oh, my god, I am so glad you called me. I had the most supremely awful day.
Temporada 2
  • Chandler: Hi, it’s me.
  • Janice: Oh, my, god.
  • Phoebe: Janice? You called Janice?
  • Chandler: Yes, Janice. Why is that so difficult for you to comprehend?
  • Ross: You remember Janice, right?
  • Phoebe: Chandler, you gotta stop staring at the door. It’s like a watched pot, you know if you keep looking at it then the door is to, never gonna boil. I think what you have to do is try not to…
  • Chandler: Oh my God!
  • Janice: OH…..MY…..GOD
  • All: OH…..MY…..GOD!!
Temporada 3
  • Joey: Oh-ho-kay, I’m talking to the king.
  • Jester: Hey! You can’t go back there!
  • Janice: Oh my God
  • Chandler: You tell me! Maybe, it’s because I was just fooling with my ex! Oh no-no-no-no, no-no-no-no, that was you!!
  • Janice: Oh my God!!
Temporada 6
  • Chandler: …And what did you bring?
  • Lorraine: She’s checking the coats. Joey, I’m gonna go wash the cab smell off my hands. Will you get me a white Zinfandel, and a glass of red for Janice.
  • Chandler: Janice?
  • Janice: Oh…. my…. God.
Temporada 8
  • Rachel: Go get back on that case honey!
  • Nurse: I don’t think the next patient is very far along.
  • Rachel: Okay, well then bring her in
  • Woman: OH….MY….GAWD!!!
Temporada 9
  • Monica: Hey, honey, my test is down the hall, are you sure you’re going to be ok?
  • Chandler: Yeah, I guess!
  • Monica: I know this is embarrassing, but nobody cares! No one here even knows you!
  • Janice: OH MY GOD!!
  • Chandler: Oh, Come on!
Temporada 10
  • Monica: They could be our neighbors, what are they like?
  • Lady: Oh, the woman upstairs is very nice. She and her husband have two kids, he’s on Wall Street and she…
  • Janice: Oh my God!

Quer mais dados?

  • Rachel

    foi a que mais apareceu no nome dos episódios. “Aquele em que Rachel descobre” (24º da 1ªtemporada) foi o primeiro de 26.

  • Ross

    foi o personagem que mais contracenou com coadjuvantes ao longo da série. O número de ex-esposas contribuiu para isso.

  • Phoebe

    foi quem mais apareceu no Central Perk: 349 vezes – para delírio dos fãs da musicista.

  • Janice

    gritou “oh, my God!” 11 vezes. Para nossa alegria – e desespero de Chandler.

  • Gunther

    aparece em todas as temporadas como o barista do Central Perk.

Após 25 anos da estreia de Friends, cafés, trigêmeos, dinossauros, Days of Our Lives, portas destrancadas, peru de Ação de Graças, Smelly Cat, porta-retrato amarelo, pato e pintinho continuam trazendo as melhores lembranças.

  • Phoebe: Então, acho que é isso.
  • Joey: Sim. Eu acho.
  • Monica: Isso é mais difícil do que eu pensava que seria.
  • Chandler: Oh, vai ficar tudo bem.
  • Rachel: Vocês têm que ir para a nova casa imediatamente ou vocês têm algum tempo?
  • Monica: Temos algum tempo.
  • Rachel: Ok, devemos tomar um café?
  • Chandler: Claro. Onde?


Para a análise dos dados, foi feito download dos roteiros de todos os episódios da série. Isso só foi possível porque fãs dedicados transcreveram e disponibilizaram os scripts na internet.

Com os roteiros salvos em arquivo .txt, o (M)Dados desenvolveu uma série de algoritmos em Python para extrair as informações dos roteiros. Esses algoritmos usaram Regular Expressions para separar as falas e os nomes de cenários. A partir daí, foi feita a extração e compilação das informações, também com Python.

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Ricardo Taffner
Rafaela Lima
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